Hello Norway

To travel is to live” – Hans Christian Andersen


 Hockey takes us to many different places that we otherwise would not think of going, and for this we are so fortunate.This season has taken us overseas to Norway, who would have thought that we would be calling this place home for a bit. This means a new city to explore and new experiences… how exciting!


IMG_0543 (2)


In case you did not know, Norway is one of the most expensive countries to live in. I still remember the first regular cup of coffee I bought for $4 (It wasn’t a Starbucks, and  you don’t get a refill).  Aside from everything being more expensive compared to North America, Stavanger is a great city to live in.

The nice thing about this part of Europe is that mostly every one speaks English (thankfully). I absolutely love how beautiful, clean and calm this city is which is a nice change compared to Toronto and Miami. Downtown or “sentrum” is filled with restaurants, cute coffee spots and shops… During the holidays (my favorite time) they put up lights and decorate the narrow streets.

When it comes to driving, here you don’t see any stop signs instead you see roundabouts and yield signs. If you know me, you know I hate driving so naturally it took me a while to get behind the wheel. I still only drive to the mall and the rink (a 5-minute drive with 1-2 roundabouts in between) you won’t catch me driving anywhere else!  
A little tip; I would suggest stocking up at the duty free every time you travel, trust me!






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