3 Days in Berlin

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien


Germany has always been a place of interest, sine we had a few days off we decided to visit Berlin. 

Day 1

We checked into our hotel, Hotel Berlin located in the Mitte just a 5 minute bus ride to the main shopping street Kurfürstendamm. The hotel was really nice and clean and the breakfast buffet was amazing (still obsessing over their cappuccino machine) I highly recommend this hotel. We walked down to do some shopping took us about 15-20 minutes to get there, I went a little nuts in all the shops (prices are way better than in Norway). For dinner we went to “Vapiano’s” and had some really good pasta!


Our European little room (this was a big bed by the way)


 Day 2

We woke up early and enjoyed a nice breakfast before heading out for the day. It was so nice outside that we decided to walk that day, we visited all of the main monuments it was A LOT of walking but so worth it. I fell in love with all of the different architectures. For dinner we went to  Carambar the tapas were amazing and the place had a really nice vibe. The one thing that we realized is that the service in Europe is completely different than in North America, you basically have to wave down your server every time you want or need something unless you want to sit there and wait 15 minutes for new drinks or your bill.


Brandenburg Gate



Berlin Victory Column


Monument of the Russian Soldiers


Saint Matthew’s Church


Humboldt University of Berlin



Statue of Frederick the Great



Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe



Day 3

On our last day we had planned to visit the Berlin Wall but due to some crazy riots we decided it would be best not to go (next time). We took the train to Alexanderplatz another shopping area, we had lunch at a little café and took some more pictures. For dinner we went to a little Italian restaurant and had the best seafood pizza ever, after we felt like having some beers and listening to live music so we checked out the “Irish Pub” in the Europa Center, biggest pub I have ever seen so far!


Random art


Best seafood pizza


I had a blast and really enjoyed my time exploring Berlin, will definitely like to go back and see the Wall!


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