BUDAPEST : Food guide

” Good food, good people, good times.” – Unknown

Café Smúz: Welcoming little shop right beside the Parliament building, you can order brunch, wine and of course coffee. Prices were a bit higher most likely because its beside a landmark.  The green tea latte was really good though.
Price range: 8 Euros for a coffee and a latte.


Lactose free Matcha latte

Isolabella Pub: Nice pub near castle hill. Cute patio set up, you can actually see part of the Parliament building from there.
Price range: 8 Euros for 2 coffee and baileys and a biscuit.
New York Café: Definitely the most beautiful café in the world, pictures don’t do this place justice. Great atmosphere so nice and relaxing, at one point some one was playing the piano. We paid 16 Euros for two coffees but it was worth it.

Obsessing over this place

Vicky Barcelona : This tapas bar was delicious, a must try and the sangria was divine. We ordered the Cube shaped baked potatoes served with some kind of guacamole sauce, fried calamari, blue cheese tray, chickpea stew and chicken skewers.

Best sangria

Mazel Tov: This place is so beautiful once you go in, looks like a nice spacious garden with hanging lights from the top… It is also dog friendly.  The menu is Middle Eastern inspired, choose from meat plates, pitas, salads or soups. The service was super quick but the food was average, nothing special. They did have a nice drink menu though and vegetarian options.
Price range: 14 Euros for two meals, a glass of wine and a beer.

Perfect for veg options

Trattoria Gozsdu: This restaurant had a nice cozy vibe, they provided blankets with every chair which was perfect because it was so cold.  The individual pizza portions were so big and the crust was very thin and delicious. I had the mushroom pizza.
Price range: 18 Euros for two pizzas, two large beers and a glass of sparkly wine.

Pardon the terrible lighting

Hungarian Resto: (Can’t remember the name, but it was located near the Great Market Hall)  Typical Hungarian food, while in Budapest you have to try one of these restaurants at least once. When you sit down there is a plate of two giant pretzels on the table… DO NOT EAT THEM! Unless you see them bring out a fresh batch. We saw a plate sit there while two different parties sat down and ate… touched them too (I totally touched the ones at our table to see how hard they were) finally when the third party sat down they dug right in.. yuck. Also don’t get the fisherman’s soup it was way too fishy.



Not my fav

Typically food and drinks are really cheap in Budapest, but because we chose to eat at places near a popular spot or landmark we paid a bit “more” than if we were somewhere less touristy.




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