Making the move from one country to another is never easy, specially when you are going somewhere  you’ve never been to nor speak the language… But the hardest part for me has always been leaving family and friend behind. You’d think that with time it would get easier but every time is as hard as the first.






Hey all! It can be overwhelming packing up all your things for half a year abroad, specially if you are going during the winter. First of winter clothes are SO bulky and heavy… they just take up too much room in your suitcases. The up side about moving around so often is that you become a better packer each … Continue reading PACKING TIPS


Our first year abroad we didn’t know what to expect, everything was new to us – We had no guide lines so we packed what we thought we needed and the rest we left to chance. Being away from home can be exciting but at the same time its nerve wracking, specially when you get sick. … Continue reading Essentials