Hey all!

It can be overwhelming packing up all your things for half a year abroad, specially if you are going during the winter. First of winter clothes are SO bulky and heavy… they just take up too much room in your suitcases. The up side about moving around so often is that you become a better packer each time, but somehow we always manage to over pack except for this year which has been surprisingly the lightest (Considering I managed to fit in my Ninja Bullet …which I fried as soon as I plugged it in…R.I.P).

If you are anything like us, you’ve probably been held back at the baggage check profusely sweating as you  frantically move things from one bag to another, in order to avoid this I recommend you get a scale.. this is a MUST! I don’t know why we don’t own one yet but its on the to buy list! This will come in handy as we are always unsure of the weight of each bag (think 2 hockey bags, 2 suit cases, 2 carry on’s which apparently have a weight limit! 2 backpacks and a pile of hockey sticks.



So here are some of the things I do while packing (thanks dad!)

1. I always start with shoes at the bottom, place all shoes around the sides and stuff them with small things such as; socks, nail polish, undies, meds or whatever small things you have.

2.  After your done with your shoes, roll your jeans and sweaters tightly. Most likely you will have small open spaces in between so I like to put in my small bottles of vitamins, gum (yes I bring my own gum), winter hats and gloves.

3. I always tape shut my hair products, creams and liquid medicines. I put anything thats liquid in bags just in case,  these bags will most likely be heavy. I place all the bags over the jeans and sweaters and right on top of them I place my rolled shirts, scarves and one jacket laying all across.

I’ve found that hard cover bags are the best because you don’t have to worry about things breaking or getting banged up as much.

Everything else such as protein powder, winter boots, winter coats and  big bottled vitamins go in the hockey bags.

Lastly, since sticks count as a bag you might as well take advantage of it! (tape all those bags filled with clothes all around).

This is what has worked for me, hope it helps!